Do you have an interesting product or service?
Read if Pronto Campaign might work for you.

Pronto Campaign is an affiliate network.

Within the Pronto Campaign, we have put together some of the most experienced affiliates in Italy which have as a single goal to bring more sales, earning a commission (and investing personally in advertising).

If the product is appreciated the sales can reach hundreds and maybe even thousands a day.

Being present with your own product or service can bring more sales or leads to your business, but as you can imagine this access is not for everyone.

Here are some of the features
that your business must respect:

The product or service must have a mass target

We cannot accept too many niche products which are too expensive or whose production requires an unmanageable manual work when too many orders arrive

You need to know the numbers of your business

We only accept proposals for products that have already proven to sell well. You must already have a tested and working sales funnel and know the metrics of your business (lead acquisition cost, customer acquisition cost...).

You may also need to know your ideal target, an information that helps a lot of affiliates in research.

If you think your business respects these features we are happy to talk to you.